My Summer Internship at Ancestry


Shortly after I got the internship offer from Ancestry, the COVID outbreak flamed across the US. A number of companies rescinded their offers or switched to remote working. However, because of the Nexus Tax restrictions to companies that provide digital subscription products, we are not allowed to work remotely out-of-state (in states other than UT and CA). Finally, the company let us fly to Utah and remote onboard in the corporate housing.

In early June, I departed from Syracuse and headed for SLC. Lehi is a small but bustling town near SLC. There are quite a lot of tech companies, there are big names like Cisco and Adobe, there’re also small companies and start-ups. The Uber driver told me lots of companies moved here from California, Facebook is also going to build a new datacenter around here.


[En]My Summer Internship at Ancestry

在我拿到offer之后不久,COVID在美国开始爆发,一时间很多公司开始取消offer或改为远程工作。然而由于Ancestry受到Nexus Tax的限制,我们不被允许在外州(除UT和CA之外的州)远程工作。最后公司决定让我们飞到犹他,然后在公寓里remote onboard。